What Can You Do With Jigle?

Meet new people, expand your social network, create life long friendships.

Saves Time

Life is fast, and we have very little time to waste. Messages automatically delete if not replied in 24 hours. Saves you time and energy.

Icebreaker: Common Interest

Users have a chance to discover similarities and shared interests with people that you have never met before.

Ai-Powered Algoritm

It allows you to match with the most suitable people in a quick and easy way.

Explore Jigle!

Complete your profile, select your interests and start matching!

  • Send super likes and increase your chance.

    Be on top of the list by sending Super Like.

  • Get your profile featured to be more visible.

    When your profile is featured, thousands of people will see it on the top rows.

  • Become premium member & unlock your full potential.

    Be a premium user and use full analytics of your profile such as picture statistics, see people who like you, get your profile featured and more…

Are you ready to Jiggle the world?

  • Be yourself

    Select your interests and meet others that share them with you. Show what makes you unique with fun videos you can add to your profile.

  • Set up real dates

    Verify your WhatsApp account and meet with users who have verified their WhatsApp accounts only.

  • Stick to the rules

    Jigle cares about social values. Our moderator team regularly checks the content in Jigle and carefully review all your feedback.



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